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Basic Details
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Amrita Barman Moon
Eye Color Height
Normal 4 feet 6 inches
Body Type Last Wearing Clothes
Normal Blue and pink colour long churidar
Official Information
Missing Since Complainant Name Relation with Missng
2018-04-07 Ranjit Barman Father
Mobile Number of Complainant G.D Number Police Station
8016441225 285 Khoribari PS
Investing Officer Status  
ASI Provash Sutradhar yes  
Case History  
The case has been started over the complaint of Sri Ranjit Barman of Banchavita, P.S. Kharibari to the effect that the complainant's minor daughter namely Miss Amrita Barman @ Moon (17 yrs.) left his house for Bhajanpur U.B.K.G. Bank, P.S. Kharibari and has not returned home till date. The complainant suspects that some unknown persons may have kidnapped his daughter with ill motive.  


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