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Pranay Gazmer CAMERS
Eye Color Height
Black 5 ft 2 inch
Body Type Identification Mark
Medium None
Official Information
Wanted Since Last Seen on Place last Seen
Case Number Wanted for Number of Cases
Sadar P.S. Case No. 46/05 BURGLER 5
Any Gang which he Operates for Any Signature he Leaves Police Station
Sadar PS
Active Area of Crimes Status Any Reward of Information
Case History Gender
"(1) Sadar P.S. Case No. 11/01 Dt. 25.01.01 U/S. 379 IPC. (2) Sadar P.S. Case No. 22/04 Dt. 27.02.04 U/S. 399/402 IPC. R/W. Sec 25 (i)(a) /27/35 Arms Act. (3) Siliguri P.S. Case No. 10/05 Dt. 01.02.06 U/S. 379 IPC. (4) Sadar P.S. Case No. 143/02 Dt. 05.12.02 U/S. 323/325/34 IPC. (5) Session Case No. 50/05 (6) Sadar P.S. Case No. 46/05 Dt. 16.05.05 U/S. 341/323/325/384/511 IPC. Arrested on 28.08.08 at J.B. P.S. on the strength of W/A. m


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